Contact Coffee Company

I found them on Instagram, after a recommendation from a friend. I followed the link and after reading some reviews and checking out their social media, I bought some Coffee. Easy and simple. I placed the order at 21:14. I got a Facebook message from them a few minutes later confirming the order. At 07:45... Continue Reading →

Square Mile Coffee Giveaway!

You're here because you love Coffee. I get it. However, you're reading this specific post because you love FREE Coffee more? Amirite!? So, I'm giving away some awesome Square Mile Coffee to one lucky Coffee lover. I'm going to send a 350g bag of Red Brick anywhere in the World! I discovered Square Mile Coffee... Continue Reading →

Costa do Coconut Coffee!?

You're stood in the queue and you hear: 'Can I have a small, skinny, soya, extra shot, decaf latte please?' You roll your eyes. They probably want it extra hot too. OK, I'm exaggerating, a little. There's lots of Coffee drinkers who choose milk alternatives for health, diet or taste reasons. And they should be... Continue Reading →

What is a Coffee Syphon?

If it has anything to do with Coffee, then I want one, probably two. This couldn't be more true for a Coffee Syphon. I first lay eyes on one of these crazy Coffee contraptions whilst mindlessly browsing Pinterest one evening. I love Coffee and I'm particularly fond of science. This seems to appeal to both... Continue Reading →

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