Contact Coffee Company

I found them on Instagram, after a recommendation from a friend. I followed the link and after reading some reviews and checking out their social media, I bought some Coffee.

Easy and simple.

I placed the order at 21:14. I got a Facebook message from them a few minutes later confirming the order. At 07:45 the following morning, I get another Facebook message notifying me that my order has been shipped!


I’m not a fan of instant Coffee at all. In fact, I’ll go out of my way to avoid it. However, there are occasions when freshly brewed coffee just isn’t an option, it’s not always practical. What else can you do?

I believe I’ve found the answer. Coffee bags. Like tea bags, but with.. Coffee. That makes them Coffee bags right? I bought 40 from the Contact Coffee Company. They came via Royal Mail in a plastic wrapped parcel. Each Coffee bag is individually wrapped.

As soon as you open one of these foil sealed bags, the smell of fresh Coffee hits your nostrils at 100mph.

It’s the sort of smell that makes you involuntarily take in a deep breath through your nose and close your eyes.

The instructions say to add the bag to hot water and leave for three minutes, stirring occasionally. I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t impressed with my first cup. I immediately made a second cup, this time leaving it for five minutes.

The taste was INCREDIBLE. This is like freshly brewed Coffee, from a bag.

Is this my instant Coffee alternative? I think so.

I’ve now got a box full of them at work to take out to crime scenes where we’ll be there for an extended period of time, up until today, it’s had cheap maxpac cups of tea, Coffee and chocolate. No more.

Battle Prep is my new go-to quick Coffee.

With Coffee variations named ‘Shots Fired’, ‘Battle Prep’ and ‘Black Ops’ you can tell that Contact Coffee Company is the brainchild of serving and retired veterans. However, you don’t need to be a Marine to buy from Contact Coffee Company, in fact, the closest I’ve come to the front line is nineteen kills and no deaths in Nuketown on COD.

Contact Coffee Company supply Coffee beans, ground Coffee, Coffee bags, accessories and apparel. I’m going to be a regular customer. I love their Coffee, but I also love their ethos and image.

Try them out and tell them I sent you. Contact Coffee Company have kindly offered JustBrewIt.Blog readers a HUGE 15% discount just to say welcome. Use code JUSTBREWIT18 on their website.

Get your ‘wets’ here:

Until next time, keep brewing.


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  1. I thought the same. Coffee is excellent and I loved supporting a fellow veterans venture. Used to place an order every month. Then the same as you used the Battle Bags for scenes and watches. So much so I ordered a thermal mug for around £15, I don’t mind paying for quality gear. Imagine how gutted I was when the lid split after 5 or 6 weeks and they weren’t interested at all in helping! Wouldn’t even SELL me a replacement lid. I even got a sarcastic reply saying they’d manage with out my modest monthly order!!! Needless to say I get my fix else where *cough Bolt Action Coffee cough*


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