What makes someone qualified to write blogs about Coffee? I’m sure there’s lots of actual qualifications that would make me qualified to write about Coffee, but I only have one, it’s my addiction to Coffee.

I’m Ryan and I’m a Coffeeholic.

Coffee literally fuels my day. It’s the first thing I want when I get up in the morning and I continue to crave it all day long. I easily drink ten cups of Coffee a day. Something has gone wrong if you see me without a Coffee in my hand.

I’m not a Coffee snob, although I have stopped drinking instant Coffee. I drink mostly filter Coffee (from my Russell Hobbs Pour Over Filter machine) but regularly drink from my Nespresso, French Press or Syphon. I’m pretty sure I’m a major shareholder at Costa Coffee.

I prefer Costa over Starbucks, but I’d rather sit in a Starbucks than a Costa.

I plan my weekly journeys between Essex and Dorset via Coffee shops, making a determined effort to visit independent Coffee shops where I can.

I’ve blogged before on various topics and I understand it’s not easy, but this will be the easiest yet as I LOVE this topic.

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